Real Estate Zine - Bedtime story

(Popo-Post Art Group)


14.8 × 21 cm, 50 pages 


Queen Mother Crossing Time and Boarder

(Popo-Post Art Group)

Exhibition card and brochure design


Typeface Booklet Design

14.8x21cm, 16 pages


Typeface design



14.8 × 21 cm, 50 pages 

後後後藝術群2019年度最新呈獻《地產廣告雜誌--紙上談床》(下稱《地廣誌》)是創刊號亦是休刊號。雜誌內容以單張形式於JCCAC側畫廊內展出,其後單張會快閃於各社區,更以雜誌形式出現。 《地廣誌》以「床」作為示範單位,展示其實用面積之小,想像面積之大。詳盡分析睡眠姿勢、床上文學,更為讀者提供入睡教學及發夢技巧等實用偽術形態。



Popo-post art groups has their latest zine <Real Estate Zine-Bedtime story> (RSZB) launched. It is the first and the last issue of RSZB, soon would be appearing in the form of flyers at Side gallery JCCAC. It will then pop up in different area in Hong Kong and would become a zine that can be flipped over.

RSZB appropriate “Bed” as the show flat, displaying how small the saleable area is and how far can human imagination go. It also offers in-depth analysis on sleeping position, bed time literature, and practical advices like tips for getting one to sleep and having nice dreams.

Exhibiting Artists: Ma Wik ,Hui Tsz Ho, Kwong Ho Long, Cal Chu, Chung Wing Shan, Lam Ka Man, Lam Kwok Yam, Cheng Yuen Ling, Wong Chun Kit

《地產廣告雜誌 之 紙上談床》 Real Estate Zine - Bedtime story

     (Popo-Post Art Group)

《地產廣告雜誌 》摺紙教學:

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